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Asked a question 11 months ago

Can planet Earth sustain a human population of 100 billion?

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Yes, but only if people live and sustain themselves in a fashion COMPLETELY different from the way they do now. I dare say, it would be utterly impossible without transitioning to a hyper-efficient technocracy which would be almost entirely self-contained, and not reliant on more than the bare minimum of elemental resources harvested from the planet. The amount of wilderness outside of the technates would have to be maximized as much as possible in order to sustain the atmospheric composition and water cycles, and provide enough biodiversity that those essential services provided by the planet would never be under threat.

Technates would have to have an abundance of clean power from geothermal, solar, and wind sources, and use it to grow all of their food internally, with all waste products recycled.

This is all completely possible, but requires humans to give up ideas that they have an irrational attachment to - including capitalism, politics, and free reproductive rights. Those things would be destructive and impossible in a world with 100 billion people. They’re massively destructive right now. They’re a privilege of our current population - and if we cannot rein in our numbers soon, we’ll lose them. Or die off.

This is Tokyo:

Tokyo and its surrounding metropolitan areas house 37.8 million people - the largest (by population) city and metro area in the world. Imagine squeezing more than TEN TIMES that number into the same area. A mere 400 million or so people. In a world of 100 billion, we’ll have to do just that. And it absolutely cannot look like the photo above if we do. All the buildings must be skyscrapers - all areas that receive natural light must grow food, and any spare area that doesn’t must be fitted with lights, and grow food.

We cannot allow 40 billion people to live in poverty, in such a world - they will successfully rebel and destroy it. To preserve the sanity of the people living in such crowded conditions, it absolutely must be efficient, clever, almost entirely automated, and as beautiful as possible. The possibilities for all of this are nearly endless, but every one of them will produce a world as alien to most people alive today as a space station.