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Sarah Gilbert
Environmental Lawyer
Asked a question last year

How can environmental problems be solved?

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Ultimately a big part of the problem is the growth based economic system which is basically a pyramid scheme. Banks create money by lending against a smaller amount of capital reserve, then they take a small amount from each loan for people to pay off each others loans, ultimately all the money becomes an interest payment to the bank and we need progressively more people coming into the system to take out new loans to pay those who took out the old ones.

This system of growth in a limited environment is what is driving pollution and lack of care of the environment. Large corporations are rewarded with riches from selling as many products or materials as they possibly can sell, there is often no charge from outputting your waste into the environment, it is just deemed as necessary.

What we need in simple terms is a sustainable economic system. Getting rid of fractional reserve banking would be a good start, but it might be done by changing the rules on lending and creating money. If we could all do it, banks would be forced to be more competitive, but they are currently protected by legislation requiring them to be a minimum absolute size. Instead we can make a mathematical relationship between loans and capital and use that to limit risk taken by these companies. There used to be a limit, but it was removed so that banks could fuel the economy more, unfortunately all that happened was that people borrowed more than they could afford and banks changed the definition on what was affordable. House prices went up, and wages remained the same.

We need to limit how we use the environment, and be sustainable.

Aside from a sustainable economy we can use sustainable technologies, recycle everything and charge for pollution.

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