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How can we save earth and humanity?

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We should abandon the usage of our current sources of fuels such as petroleum and coal. Reduce our emissions to the point where it is well below the absorption limit of plants and the ocean. Our clean and eternal source of fuel is the sun. We should incorporate solar energy into as many applications as possible. Technologies such as Fusion should come to the forefront. Although people much much smarter than me have laid the framework for initiatives to obtain sustainable and clean energy resources, much of these efforts haven't really taken off. The reason lies with ourselves: the common man. We are so caught up within our selfish lifestyle that we have failed to realise the fact that the planet earth in itself is a Living Breathing Organism which needs much nurturing and care to remain supportive of life.. The awakening should come from within us...

When it comes to a planetary scale, we are no longer citizens, but a species competing for resources with several other lifeforms. However, where most life forms have perfected coexistence with nature and preserving it, we have failed. Two instincts which we inherited from our primate ancestors, Greed & Intelligence, have set us on a dangerous path of relentless growth where we have turned a blind eye towards our environment. We are closer than ever before to disrupting the balance in nature which sustains all life forms. Studies have shown that since the industrial revolution humans have poured more CO2 into the atmosphere than all volcanoes combined in the time since the first humans evolved.

The very first step towards saving the planet would be stopping the push from the rural to the urban economies. Sustainable Agriculture with afforestation on a global scale is more than ever needed. We have to reduce our emissions by 30% by 2030, 70% by 2050 and by 100% by 2070 if we want to sustain our Pale Blue Dot and ourselves on it.....

Carl Sagan's Famous Pale Blue Dot...

Every man you ever saw or ever lived, Every war ever waged, every flower that ever bloomed, all happened in that tiny little blue dot in the center of the picture given above.. This is the earth viewed from voyager one. This shows us the need to conserve our planet in this orphaned universe.

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