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Raul Crawford
Water Resources Specialist
Asked a question last year

How can we take advantage of advances in technological resources, knowledge, and discoveries to reverse environmental damage and improve living conditions on our planet?

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Humanity has been fortunate to have the technologies available to reverse global warming. You can replace the energy produced with coal or oil and change gasoline and oil vehicles for electricity. This alone will stop global warming. No one doubts that this is not possible overnight; the only change of thermoelectric power generation will take 20 years at least because you have to build power plants with new technology wind, solar , hydro or nuclear, which allow disconnecting the plants generating CO2, atmospheric.

The replacement of polluting vehicles is on the right track, and there is no doubt that electromobility will have a lower or equal replacement cost within a decade than the current one.

I do not doubt that humanity will end up imposing its climate catastrophe, paying the related costs, because this will not be free. On the contrary, it will be very honorable in every sense, but there is no alternative.