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Lester Jones
Urban Planner
Asked a question last year

How can zero waste and zero emissions ever be possible and achieved (like the goal for 2050), since we produce waste all the time, as well as CO2 as we breathe out? Do the ecologists want to kill us all or what?

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Industrial civilization is destroying the planet in a variety of ways.

Consumers are trying to kill us. You are trying to kill us and you are doing very well. Human civilization will fall. I don’t want that to happen, but every indication says that will happen.

After the massive humans die off, maybe some humans will be left. Maybe that matters or maybe it doesn’t.

I work on creating other ways we could live, if we have that option.

If extinction happens, my work doesn't matter. If we have time to adjust our lifestyles, then maybe there is a human future.

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