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Leonard Henderson
Climate Justice Organizer
Asked a question last year

How do people understand the risks imposed by climate change?

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Lorraine Bowman
Wildlife Communications & Strategy Senior Director

Hey Leonard, that's a good one 
In the end, it's just one more issue for people to worry about. How do they understand the risks of covid, tobacco, alcohol, not to mention other drugs? We are inclined to voluntarism. We are fickle and ignorant, I do not know if there will be an absolute consensus on any subject.

I understand the abysmal difference between tobacco and habitat destruction, but the approach is the same.

Because it is, in the end, about the destruction of the planet, not about this last-minute spike, in relative temporal terms, of climate change, humans have systematically and irreversibly destroyed life on the earth. The force, the amplitude of a hurricane, is enormous; and the destruction seems colossal to us, but a few years are enough for recovery. Man, without comparison with natural phenomena, with simple tools, can cause more significant damage just because it is permanent.

It is good to insist on climate change because it brings us to a long-standing issue, to live and preserve the miracle, which implies responsibility, which is not a widespread and common genetic condition.

Two things can be done: people can understand and undertake, without catastrophic and traumatic learning, of final count: to decrease the demographic projection - and that goes through schooling, at least, or massive education, which always has a net effect on the decrease of the population.