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Erica Sullivan
Research Assistant Bilingual
Asked a question 11 months ago

How does the environment affect autism?

Where am I?

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Raul Crawford
Water Resources Specialist

How do the environments we live in affect us? Intensely.

There is a great comfort in consistency. The menace of the unknown. Temperature, light, living spaces. Knowing what to expect, where things are/should be. I function best at lower temperatures. The warmer it is, the more agitated I get. If it gets too hot I will get physically sick. Bright lights are terrible, especially fluorescent ones (3500 K is unbearable). It's painful. I don’t like confinement or large open spaces. Every time a door is closed I feel Like I am being held against my will and sometimes panic. I think in colors, not usually in concrete words or phrases, but actually colors. That is important. Textures can be bad. So are some kinds of materials. So is being in strange places where I feel I do not belong and have nothing useful to do besides idle and waiting.