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Is fracking ecological and environmental friendly?

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Hydraulic fracturing is most certainly sound ecologically & it is environmentally friendly.

The present population of earth, supported by more effective agriculture & safer living standards, owes its existence to readily accessible energy. There is even an argument that access to energy led to a massive reduction in slavery.

Since we on earth are dependent on current energy usage to live the way we do*, it behoves us to obtain that energy at the lowest ecological & environmental cost. Fracturing, by increasing the flow of our most common energy feedstock, enables us to obtain that feedstock at the lowest achievable disruption - less wells, less materials.

Despite the gish-gallop of antipathetic nonsense to be found online, there is not one single proven case of harm directly attributable to fracking. Anyone who wishes to counter this is invited to cite that one instance, with a link. Please note that I will not bother with any gish-gallop farrago. If you cannot bother to read your citation to find that {non existent} proof, do not think that I will bother.