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What are the best recycling habits and options?

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Isobel Lawson
Field Solar Consultant

Hey Victoria, that's a good one
For recycling habits and options to work, it has to be an objective coordinated by some official entity through regulations and incentives. As an individual entity, the citizenry achieves nothing no matter how aware they are of the need to recycle.

One example is paper. The janitor in the building where I live used to keep cardboard and newsprint. But it turns out that she was paid so ridiculously little to take them that she finally got so obstinate and just let all that material be dumped as part of the building's waste.

Another example is the fluorescent bulbs. We may be aware that they are a polluting element. Still, if the public entity that operates the solid waste disposal does not foresee a differentiated way to dispose of them, we achieve nothing. I have been saving these damaged bulbs for years. However, even though there was supposed to be a campaign to replace these bulbs, it became a lie. Finally, when I had about 30 of them, I had to throw them away to be taken away by the city sanitation. Pitiful!