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Sherri Payne
Terrestrial Biologist
Asked a question 11 months ago

What are the best ways to save energy and reduce bills?

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 Offhand - based on what we practice, in our house.

  • Switch over to LED lights and fluorescent lamps and luminaries.
  • Have the electrical system, including the earthing, visually / electrically checked, once a year, preferably post monsoon.
  • Change non-working, faulty switches and sockets, at the earliest.
  • Wipe clean all lamps, fluorescent tubes and ceiling fan blades, at least once in a month.
  • There is a possibility that all the plugs will not fit easily in all sockets, in the house. While removing such a (tight) plug, hold the switch board plate with one hand, remove the plug with a rocking motion.
  • Also keep at least one multi-plug adapter, an extension board with a 2/3 meter wire extension and lowest wattage spare LED lamp.
  • Switch off lights, when not in use, especially in bathrooms and the kitchen.
  • Double check geysers and water heaters are switched off; when not in use. They have thermostats which heat the water from 55 ~ 65 deg C and will switch off, at the higher temperature (set). They are also insulated, so hot water will be available, most of the time.
  • If your residence is a stand alone building, have solar panels for lighting ( 10 sq m for 1.00 kW) and solar water heaters installed - they are useful for about 9 months in a calendar year.
  • Ensure that your MDB - main distribution board, has an ELCB - it is mandatory in India from 2000, onwards.
  • Use plug in nightlights when going out in the evenings.

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