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Harold Mitchelle
Engineering Intern
Asked a question last year

What are the consequences of deforestation?

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Raul Crawford
Water Resources Specialist

 Hey, I’d say: 

  • Weakening soils against climatic factors causing erosion.
  • The water cycle is interrupted causing dry climates.
  • Decrease of resources for indigenous peoples.
  • Healing measures can be taken to stop the uncontrolled deforestation, for example:
  1. Organized reforestation in places where logging has taken place.
  2. Work in multidisciplinary teams to generate alternatives with other materials to obtain the products that are usually generated from wood.
  3. Use of technological inventions such as Geographic Information Systems, satellite images and drones to reforest affected areas.
  4. Raise awareness and disseminate the risks we are subject to if we continue with the development of indiscriminate deforestation.

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