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What can be done to make humans aware of deforestation?

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We already know that the destruction of nature causes important changes in the environment. The lack of trees where there were many tends to leave that land deserted, and where there was water and rivers there is no longer any, where it used to rain it no longer rains, and the land erodes and spoils. Eventually it is of no use. This process has been seen in many parts of the world and despite the historical damage it is still being done. Bolsonaro is doing it in Brazil, letting logging companies take and destroy the forests of the Amazon, with the supposed purpose of creating land for planting. It is already known that forested land does not have enough nutrients to be exploited as agricultural land. But the problem continues. In my country there has been a process of safeguarding the remaining forests, and many are forest reserves and national parks. But it is a fact that behind this there is a business, otherwise we would have nothing to offer to the world, and we would have an arid country like Haiti, from which they took everything they could and now it is a lifeless island. So I don't think you can raise awareness. We will have to wait for the next generation to suffer the consequences of this serious impact on nature.