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Serenity Duncan
Senior Marine Mammal Biologist
Asked a question last year

What is the need for sustainable living?

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Ian Watts
Environmental Science Adjunct

Suppose you inherit a small but lush forest estate, and then you decide to chop the trees one after one and sell them. You turn the land into a condominium with malls,etc, and any small water bodies in the estate are filled for max use. Many others do the same and not care about sustainability. Later in your life, either the level of pollution increases or there is an inflation which causes scarcity of food or both since they are connected. Let's call them case 1 and case 2.

Case 1: environment conditions are bad, which results in either you or any of your family members to develop something like asthma, dust allergy, etc., and worst case scenario-lung cancer. money would flow out of you like a river. you may be suggested by the doctor to relocate to a more green area with fresh air, like the mountains. however trees are less now so landslides and flash floods become frequent in the mountains, and living thr wl be dangerous. you'll have to spend all your life’s savings to fortify your hill-house against these calamities, and even then chances of survival would grow worse and worse everyday.

case 2: if there’s inflation, commodities and food prices would soar. scarcity of food. if there are less trees, obviously less food, but moreover, less rain which is essential for farmlands, since it’s the tree-cover that brings in the rain clouds. Therefore more droughts- causing agricultural losses, resulting in less food production, causing the inflation in the first place. Make it rain: Planting forests could help drought-stricken regions - CIFOR Forests News

Now water- many fresh water sources are already dwindling now since nobody cared about sustainability. Many of them have already been polluted by untreated chemical run-offs from factories. example- Flint Water Crisis: Everything You Need to Know you will have to buy packaged water for consumption and also daily use. no fishes in the river. back to scarcity of food. These are just a few above the surface problems I have mentioned.

All this could be avoided simply by converting your inherited green estate ecologically responsible. example- The Top 5 Green Cities In The World In 2016 | GVI UK

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