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Gail Fletcher
Marine Biologist
Asked a question last year

What is the "other environment"?

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Lorraine Bowman
Wildlife Communications & Strategy Senior Director

 There is no other one. The environment is whole, rather complete. The truth is that semantically, the word "environment" does not only refer to half of something, but rather to a "physical space in which a certain phenomenon develops; Set of cultural, economic and social circumstances in which a person or a human group lives; Sector, circle or social environment", according to several of the definitions of this term given by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language - RAE (Real Academia de la Lengua Española).

It is worth mentioning that for this word, the RAE has 37 references, therefore among them "Equal to half of something" is only one more of its meanings. This is a word with many and varied meanings (Polysemic Word).

In fact, for those of us who live and work to protect and improve our natural and cultural environment, the concept "Environment" is slightly pleonasm. It would suffice to say "Environment". One of the definitions of the RAE for "Environment" is "Set of physical, social, economic, etc., conditions or circumstances of a place, a community or an epoch". The similarity with one of the definitions for "Environment" can be observed.