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Adrian Armstrong
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Asked a question 9 months ago

What would you love to see happen in the U.S.A. with regards to sustainability?

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To provide “direction” to the sustainability movement, and to counteract the fossil fuel subsidies of the past, I would like to see, in the USA, which needs to be a leader in this effort (or CC will never be addressed), a “carbon tax” structure adopted.

The amount of the tax would be modest at first—$0.25-$0.50/gal, and could easily be collected at the refinery gate, the gas plant flow meter into a pipeline, or at the mine-mouth where the coal is loaded into boxcars. A law could be passed which limits any increases in the tax rates, until other major emitting countries are equally as effective in reducing their carbon emissions.

The average person could receive up to a gallon per day credit for the tax, meaning heavy users would have to pay more.

Since the deficits have ballooned in recent months, the income is sorely needed by the treasury. This is not to exclude the possibility for a wealth tax, which is also badly needed.

Once it is observed that other countries are following suit, it is essential, if emissions limits are to be achieved, (and budgets balanced) that the rate be raised over time to something like $2-$3 per gallon equivalent for all carbon emitters over this decade.