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Vernon Stevens
Community Education & Engagement Coordinator
Asked a question last year

When will we reach the point of no return to recover a healthy ecosystem for humans?

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Hey Vernon, this is a good question 

In the last 220 years, the planet's population has multiplied by 7.7. If the ecosystem were so bad, the people would not have grown so much.

The growth of the population and the improvement of life in these times is due to something that is criticized a lot: machines that burn fuels. First, the steam engines burned coal, and then in 1960, they began to use appliances that burn diesel.

These machines have industrialized agriculture, which has dramatically increased food availability, which has triggered population growth.

And this growth has been so much that we should be afraid. We are going to end up with a lot of problems.

Do you know what the ecosystem was like from year 1 to 1800?

In 1800 years, the population of the planet multiplied by 4.3 times.

It is estimated that the number of people went from 230 million in year 1 to 1 billion in 1,800.

In other words, given how much the population has grown in the last 220 years, it does not seem that we have screwed up the ecosystem very much. But at the rate we are going, we may end up filling the planet with poop.

I don't think we've ever been better off on this planet.

And despite the problems you can point out to me in this part of the planet or the other, we have never had better times in the last 120 years despite two deadly world wars.