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Gail Fletcher
Marine Biologist
Asked a question last year

Which type of recycling business has a low cost start up?

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Warren Steeves
Director of Green Programs

Recycling isn't a low cost but capital intensive business. However, to maintain a check on capital you can start it on a small scale. Without talking about the operational part and concentrating just on being a recycling plant, the initial cost comes in the form of machines and equipment. From setting up a full-fledged recycling manufacturing plant to garbage recycling, make a smart choice. The options to look upon are:

1. Recycling manufacturing plant

2. Scrap gold recycling

3. Construction waste recycling

4. Garbage recycling

5. Aluminium Can recycling

6. Electronic waste recycling

7. Cartridge recycling

8. Home items

Hope this helps!! Thank you for asking the question.