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Climate Change
Climate Change
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For current inhabitants, I am not worried about either process.

Of course, in the long run, ice ages are exponentially more dangerous to all life on Earth. Even rather small decreases in global temps can kill hundreds of millions of... (More)

The present time, by far. It is reversible, though, in the long run. If we make a major effort - greater than the US effort in World War II - we can stabilize the climate and government debt in a... (More)

Warren Steeves
Director of Green Programs

Developing nations are already getting the benefit of much cheaper renewable energy. In 2019, 58% of the global solar panel market was delivered to developing nations. (That includes China). This alone is probably close to a $50 billion annual market.... (More)

Perry Diaz
Web content manager

Absolutely Not.

I contribute nothing to the whole existence of the human race really, I'm a pure consumer. I don't produce resources, I don't create new technologies, I don't save or help people like doctors, firefighters, social workers... all that.... (More)