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The predisposition for all traits is genetic, although actual expression of genes is the result of environmental exposure. Mendelian and Darwinian theories indicated the importance of genetic inheritance, and sociobiology and evolutionary psychology have accentuated the importance of genetic endowment.... (More)

Amanda Walters
Environmental Educator

I think that most people do want this ultimately but sadly to do these things that really matter such as switching to electric cars, using renewable energy at home, buying locally sourced produce etc is not incentivised and considerably way... (More)

Ian Watts
Environmental Science Adjunct

Suppose you inherit a small but lush forest estate, and then you decide to chop the trees one after one and sell them. You turn the land into a condominium with malls,etc, and any small water bodies in the estate... (More)

Kent Harris
Legislative Affairs Specialist

“Sustainability” has become one of those warm, feel-good words like “diversity” and “excellence.” It’s a cipher, a blank slate…used to elicit emotions rather than logic and thoughtfulness. If people have trouble understanding it you can blame the “green lobby.”

Other... (More)