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Global Warming
Global Warming
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Ultimately a big part of the problem is the growth based economic system which is basically a pyramid scheme. Banks create money by lending against a smaller amount of capital reserve, then they take a small amount from each loan... (More)

Perry Diaz
Web content manager

Absolutely Not.

I contribute nothing to the whole existence of the human race really, I'm a pure consumer. I don't produce resources, I don't create new technologies, I don't save or help people like doctors, firefighters, social workers... all that.... (More)

Kent Harris
Legislative Affairs Specialist

Virtually none.

Global warming will make an enormous number of people’s lives miserable, displace hundreds of millions, kill a lot of people and make a lot of species extinct, but it won’t end life. It might end life as we... (More)

I say YES - for the same reason we all should plan for retirement. We are none of us certain what age will be when it finally happens, and none of us know what the economic climate will be when... (More)