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Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
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To provide “direction” to the sustainability movement, and to counteract the fossil fuel subsidies of the past, I would like to see, in the USA, which needs to be a leader in this effort (or CC will never be addressed),... (More)

Lorraine Bowman
Wildlife Communications & Strategy Senior Director

Compared to Elephant Cavalry, helicopters are much worse. The problem with elephants, though, is that they can't fly, and thus cannot cross steep canyons or swift rivers, or snowy mountains. The question of environmental friendliness is moot unless you can... (More)

Serenity Duncan
Senior Marine Mammal Biologist

The predisposition for all traits is genetic, although actual expression of genes is the result of environmental exposure. Mendelian and Darwinian theories indicated the importance of genetic inheritance, and sociobiology and evolutionary psychology have accentuated the importance of genetic endowment.... (More)

Raul Crawford
Water Resources Specialist

How do the environments we live in affect us? Intensely.

There is a great comfort in consistency. The menace of the unknown. Temperature, light, living spaces. Knowing what to expect, where things are/should be. I function best at lower temperatures.... (More)