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Plastic Pollution
Plastic Pollution
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The present time, by far. It is reversible, though, in the long run. If we make a major effort - greater than the US effort in World War II - we can stabilize the climate and government debt in a... (More)

Ultimately a big part of the problem is the growth based economic system which is basically a pyramid scheme. Banks create money by lending against a smaller amount of capital reserve, then they take a small amount from each loan... (More)

Sherri Payne
Terrestrial Biologist

I’d suggest yes.

First, let us recognize that “cleaner environment” exists on a continuum (for ease of discussion I will talk about the dirty extreme and the clean extreme without making it clear what either of these is exactly). Second,... (More)

We should abandon the usage of our current sources of fuels such as petroleum and coal. Reduce our emissions to the point where it is well below the absorption limit of plants and the ocean. Our clean and eternal source... (More)