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The present time, by far. It is reversible, though, in the long run. If we make a major effort - greater than the US effort in World War II - we can stabilize the climate and government debt in a... (More)

Ultimately a big part of the problem is the growth based economic system which is basically a pyramid scheme. Banks create money by lending against a smaller amount of capital reserve, then they take a small amount from each loan... (More)

Lorraine Bowman
Wildlife Communications & Strategy Senior Director

Compared to Elephant Cavalry, helicopters are much worse. The problem with elephants, though, is that they can't fly, and thus cannot cross steep canyons or swift rivers, or snowy mountains. The question of environmental friendliness is moot unless you can... (More)

Your Success Manager

Environmental effects don’t cause changes in DNA, that happens by random mutations. Evolution “by natural selection” acts at a later stage. Evolution works through any mutation that affects the probability of an individual with it successfully reproducing. If it renders... (More)