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PHP Development Services in USA

MicrosIT Solutions is an award-winning PHP programming business based in the United States. Our team has more than ten years of expertise developing PHP web applications, databases, and content management systems. Our firm specialises in bespoke PHP site development. For... (More)

Reading a newspaper digitally rather than in traditional paper form is probably less damaging to the environment. The cradle-to-cradle process of milling wood to pulp, paper production, printing, distribution and recycling requires resources and energy expenditures in excess of online... (More)

Edith Hicks
Research Assistant Bilingual

Commonly the windows are made of a cellulose and can be recycled, but food items that directly contact the paper will transfer oils and grease making the paper and cardboard difficult or impossible to recycle.

The above answer is not... (More)

Wade Holmes
Sustainability Specialist

"Biodegradable," term and etymology

Now that the topic is being talked about more frequently, one might think that understanding the concept of sustainability is a simple task. However, the "green" jargon is full of trickery, primarily when you convince us to select an "eco-friendly"... (More)